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Caregiver Guilt and How to Overcome the Feeling

Caregiver Guilt and How to Overcome the Feeling

We all feel guilty for many reasons. Family caregivers are no exemption. Yet in this case, the guilt can be overpowering since the welfare of our loved ones are at stake. As family caregivers, we can feel guilty about feeling tired at the end of the day or thinking about wanting to take a break.

As a provider of Caregiving Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we understand that being a family caregiver can be demanding. Yes, you are taking care of your loved one but you are also human whose strength and energy get drained at some point. This is a reality that all of us in the caregiving industry face and deal with.

Have you been feeling guilty about being a family caregiver? Here are some of our recommendations to overcome the guilt.

  • Avoid Comparison with Other Caregivers

    It can be easy to compare ourselves with other people who are also taking care of their loved ones. Yet, we need to remember that every family and every person is unique. Your situation is different from theirs. They might sound like they are doing an excellent job as the family caregiver. Still, they also have other personal struggles that you know nothing about.

    How do you stop comparing? Focus on what you are doing for your loved one. Set small achievable goals every day. Then, celebrate each of them. This nurtures a grateful heart that pushes guilty feelings away.

  • Stop the Negative Thoughts about Your Loved One

    As healthcare professionals, we also experience thinking negatively towards the person we are caring for. We don’t say it out loud but we think such thoughts just like you. These kinds of thoughts are signs of burnout. This means that you need to get a break because your mind and body are already in conflict with each other.

    How do you stop thinking negatively about your loved one? Take some time off from your caregiving duties. Get a massage or have a chat with a trusted friend. You will realize that your negative thinking is only because of your exhaustion.

  • Understand that Anger Is a Natural Response

    Another reason that family caregivers feel guilty is that they have lost their cool at some point. If you have experienced this outburst, you may find it hard to forgive yourself. Yet, anger is a human response that all of us will feel.

    How do you stop feeling guilty about getting angry? Decide to stop beating yourself about it. Also, find out what triggers this feeling so that you can avoid it next time.

Final thoughts:

Let us not allow caregiving guilt to overwhelm us. As a healthcare staffing agency in Oklahoma, we can help you care for your loved one in a guilt-free way. Ask us how we can help at In-home Caregiving Services. Contact us anytime.

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