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How Dementia Changes One’s Personality

How Dementia Changes One’s Personality

We know dementia brings with it many changes in the household, one of which is a senior person’s personality. This is characterized by changes in the way your loved one thinks, feels, and behaves as effects of the disorder.

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In what ways does dementia alter your loved one’s personality?

  • It makes them aggressive.
    The confusion, pain, and boredom brought on by dementia can make an individual feel so lost that he or she starts displaying aggressive and threatening behavior toward people in the household.
  • It makes them indifferent.
    Dementia has been known to turn people indifferent towards their loved ones and lose interest in the activities they love to do.
  • It makes them anxious.
    Confusion is perhaps the most prevalent symptom that accompanies dementia and leads to a level of anxiety that disrupts daily living.
  • It disrupts their sleep.
    Those with dementia can have a hard time sleeping because they won’t be able to shut down their minds.
  • It causes them to wander.
    Dementia patients have this constant desire to move and explore because many things are new to them.

These make up the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes dementia can bring to both the person with the disorder and the people who love them. Partner with In-home Caregiving Services for healthcare professionals who can help you better cope with dementia at home.

In what other ways can dementia change an individual’s personality? Feel free to discuss your experiences in the comment section.

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