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Should You Be Guilty About Getting Hospice Care?

Should You Be Guilty About Getting Hospice Care?

When we learn about our loved one getting diagnosed with a terminal condition, it can be emotionally devastating. The concept of the finality of life can be very raw and striking in the face of terminal illnesses and this can be something very difficult to process for both the patient and the family members.

For this reason, the decision to get help from hospice caregivers can take time for the family to come to terms with. The delay is mostly due to the emotional difficulty of accepting that the end is getting near. It is also the same reason why families often feel guilty about tapping Hospice Caregiving Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, as healthcare professionals, we want to comfort you by saying there is nothing to be guilty about. Consider the following reasons:

  • You will be empowered by providing proper hospice care for your loved one. When hospice caregivers are assisting your family members, the feelings of helplessness can be erased and replaced with confidence that even in these crucial moments, your loved one can still establish some control over the course of their health management.
  • Your loved one’s pain can be relieved so they can continue to pursue the activities they want to do for as long as they’re still able. Whether your loved one needs hospice caregivers from our healthcare staffing agency in Oklahoma or some form of assistance with their activities of daily living, they can carry out their daily routine without being hindered by pains caused by their ailment.
  • Hospice care is provided by healthcare professionals depending on the patient’s preferred setting for care. It can be at home, in a nursing care facility, or any care environment your loved one chooses. Hospice will be not be forced on your loved one and the family. You – as a household – can choose your preferred care setting.
  • You and your loved one will get empathetic support from hospice caregivers. They are already familiar with the needs and concerns during end-of-life care. They can even provide recommendations and further assistance to make your loved one’s condition more manageable.
  • Hospice care is also affordable as Medicare practically provides full coverage for terminally-ill patients. When your loved one qualifies for hospice care, you can trust that financial issues will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Because hospice caregivers can also help with basic personal care and safety supervision, you can be relieved knowing that your loved one’s needs are fully addressed and their quality of life is preserved.

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